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Organise your documents, handle Risk Management and Corrective Actions all in one place. Use advanced features to help you meet your project targets. Handle the quality side of your business easily with our platform.

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Regularly tested and approved features to help you manage your tasks. We even offer feature requests to tailor make the experience for you and your team.

Easy To Use

All our controls are user friendly and mobile friendly, making it easy to do what you need to do on the go.

Fully Responsive

Because we understand the need of limited time to handle many tasks, our platform's speed is made to perform very fast with little to no overhead.

Feature Rich

We've dumped so many features for you, you'll be happy to make this transition.

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Why Use IMS Pulse

IMS Pulse has been developed from the ground up with the help of experienced auditors, consulting engineers and security experts to be the one-stop solution to quality management of a business.

Acces From Anywhere

Whether you're on the go or far away from your office, you still have access to your work from wherever you are.

100% Up-Time

Your files and projects will always be available and secure.

Responsive Support

We offer immediate support during work hours every day from Monday to Friday.

Proudly South African

This product was developed and produced right in Johannesburg, Gauteng

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IMS Pulse has a rich history from it's inception to the system that is available now. Information on the process from its beginning to now is coming soon. Stay tuned




Development Years



IMS Pulse Is In Alpha Stage

Despite this, we are regularly pushing out both major and quality of life updates to the system and its features.




Business Testers



IMS Pulse is regularly expanding our reach.

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Not sure if this is the right choice for you? No problem! Give the IMS Pulse desktop or cloud app a try for 30 days and see if its something that you and your business need. No hidden fees. Straight forward.