Our Goals and Vision

It started off as a small project to organise quality documents and soon after evolved into a multi-tasking quality management systems that dealt with auditors and consultants need to have a manageable flow to handle their work easily and efficiently

Humble Beginnings

IMS Pulse didn't start off as the hybrid, advanced cloud service that it came to be. It started off as a small project created by a son to help his consulting father manage his many intergrated management systems by having something that he could use to organise them and make editing and tracking easy. It started off as a simple document editor and navigator with little to nothing else.

Potential was seen in the product being more than what it was. So, the father took the son along to one of his clients for a business meeting where the son met different consultants with great ideas for the product's future. The son then continued tirelessly developing the product in the image of what those consultants had in mind and the product slowly grew in the span of a couple of years to be IMS Pulse. A lot of work and research was put into the project to produce something easy to use, yet offered very advanced features that catered not only to consultants, but auditors as well.