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Product (Recommended)
Cloud Premium
Cloud Ultimate Desktop App
Space Capacity for Documents 500MB 10GB Limited if Cloud
Cloud Services
Document Uploads
Corrective Action
Email Notification
Advance Revision Tracker
Risk Management
Document Lock
Access Anywhere
Mobile Support
Feature Requests
IMS Audit Scheduler

Advance Encryption

Increase protection of your documents by using our encryption features. Our encryption features use advanced algorithms and techniques that protect the document from the ground up without losing any content.

Note: Currently only available for MS Word, Excel and PresentationΒeta as well as Premium and Ultimate users.

Online Document Editors

No need to worry about having MS Word or Excel installed on your device before editing documents on the cloud. We have you covered with our advance document editors that not only get the job done, but can easily be usable on desktop and mobile devices.

Note: Currently only available for MS Word and Excel.

Revision Features

Ever get frustrated keeping track of revision numbers done to a document? Well, worrying about that will be a thing of the past with our easy to use revision features that automate creating and maintaining revisions. From automating revision numbers to allocating obselete documents, you can let us do the work.

Note: Currently only available for MS Word

Risk Manager

Worried about calculating the cost and likelyhood of loss from risk that have an effect on the company? You can use our online Risk Manager to help minimize the cost risks can add to your business and increase the safety of your business and its employees.

Note: Currently under development.

Corrective Actions

Create corrective actions and non-conformancy. Communicate with your teammates throughout the process by sending notification at each stage of the corrective action. Reject or accept stages according to their contents. We offer enterprise-level tools to achieve this.

Feature Requests

We feel it is very important for our clients not only to be satisfied with our products but also feel that they are heard. Have a feature in mind? Make a requests. We will make sure, if feasible, that these requests are attended to.

Note: Only available to Ultimate users.

Notification System

Whether you're editing a document, or doing some Corrective Actions, our notification system will keep your team up to date on changes and amendments being made in real time. Our notification system is designed to be fast and sophisticated.

Note: Only available to Premium and Ultimate users.

Hide Documents and Folders

Easily hide your files and folders from unauthorised team members. We give you a seamless way to control the visibility of your files and folders ensuring even though they are hidden from others, you still have full control.

Note: Only available to Premium and Ultimate users.

Comprehensive Dashboard

See how many documents your company has encrypted; how many documents you have uploaded to the document manager; the latest revision content and so much more with our easy to follow and colourful dashboard.

Unlimited Team Members

No need to worry about how many licenses you need to buy for a set of team members. You get one license, and create as many team members with it!